Top 10 Diet Swaps For A Better Body

If you want to live a healthier life, then you need to start making some big changes in yourself…more specifically you need to start making swaps and changes with your diet.

Swap 1 – Diet instead of regular soda

This is one of the easiest changes that you can make. I mean, diet soda has zero calories and regular soda can have hundreds of caloreis, I hope the common sense is kicking in now, buddy.

Swap 2 – Fruit for dessert

If you are craving something sweet and savory for desert, then it is a much better choice to munch on some fruit instead of ice cream, cake, cookies, or whatever you were planning to munch on.

The reason should be pretty common sense but fruit is high in antioxidants, it is great for your health, and also great for your skin [1-source]. If you want to get in shape fast, then you need to start eating some fruit. Things like getting better skins and stretch marks improve with fruit as well.

Swap 3 – Water for everything

While diet soda is fine for certain things, it is still best if you have the choice. H2O rules all, my friends.

Being Fat Is Killing You…What To Do About It

I found out from my doctor that my weight had gone from being overweight to obese in a very short space of time. I’m a naturally lazy person, so I even considered getting a tummy tuck in Columbus Ohio at TTM. But that was out of the question, I was told that the excess fat that I was carrying around was now a health risk to me. The excess weight affected me in a number of ways including limited mobility, urinary incontinence and I developed sleep apnea.

I was shocked and terrified to find out that being obese reduced my life expectancy up to seven years, as well as the threat for further complications in mental and physical illnesses. My cholesterol levels showed up as being extremely low in HDL which is the good cholesterol and very high in LDL which is the bad cholesterol. If you really want to improve your cholestorol, then you should really consider getting some lipo or something like that.

fat loss

After all my bad news I met up with a dietitian in order to assist me with a healthy eating plan. I started slow walking in the evenings until I started to lose some weight. I then renewed my gym membership and attend gym sessions at least four times a week. I still plan on having a baby in the New Year and hope that my excess weight has not affected my health in any way. If that fails, I can always get surgery when I move out to Pasadena next year.

Basketball Workouts To Jump Higher And Dribble Faster


If you want to be in good shape to play basketball, you have to work on your aerobic endurance. This will help you play hard for long periods of time without getting exhausted. At the same time, you have to build up your anaerobic endurance so you will have what it takes to perform some intense moves in the short term. In this article, we will share tips on the two types of training you need for the perfect basketball workout. 46 Jumpers has a great post on how to jump higher and better.

For aerobic activity, you’ll want to engage in exercise that will let you build up your endurance and work your lungs. Jogging is perfect for this. You’ll need to find a place to jog that is safe in terms of having an even surface that won’t cause you to injure yourself and in terms of not being mugged. A high school track is a good choice. If you are already in good shape, start out jogging three miles. If not, alternate between jogging and walking, but still do the three miles. Cool down by walking. You’ll want to do this every other day.

On the alternate days, you’ll work on anaerobic activity with suicide sprints. Go to the basketball court and stand on the baseline under the goal. Run as quickly as possible to the throw line, and then run back to the baseline. Next, run as fast as you can to the half-court line and back to the baseline. After that, run as fast as you can down the whole court to the opposite baseline and back again. Rest for a minute and do it again. You’ll want to do this ten times total. If you are not in good shape, though, don’t overdo it. Just do what you can and build up to ten times.

Only work out six days a week. Take one day off to let your body recover. Remember to drink plenty of water during your workouts. Eat a balanced diet with high quality protein for muscle building and complex carbs for energy. Use hot showers or baths and ice packs alternately to soothe sore muscles. Follow these tips, and in a couple of weeks, you’ll be in great shape for basketball.

Best Supplements For Easy Sleep

Sleeping health

Sleeping might seem like one of the easiest things in the world. Babies do it all the time. We sleep because we are tired.

But sometimes sleeping just isn’t that easy especially once you get older. If you want to go to sleep, sometimes it just isn’t that easy.

You’ve probably tried everything in the book – warm milk, dark chocolate, whole eggs, Omega 3 supplements… every food in the book but nothing seems to work.

Maybe you even went to go and see the doctor because of your extreme sleeping problem. If this is you and you suffer from really bad “can’t sleep at night” symptons then maybe you need to consider taking a supplement to help you sleep.

A lot of people recommend melatonin to help them sleep at night but this does not always work. If you really want an effective supplement to go to sleep then you should try melatonin (melatonin order). It is one of the only scientifically backed and doctor recommended supplements to help pretty much any man or woman fall asleep with ease.

And where can you buy this magic pill? You can get it in a lot of stores as well as in local retail stores such as Walmart and Target but I recommend buying it online if you want a cheaper price or discount.

P.S. For the  best Omega 3 fish oil brands, I recommend you check these out.


What are your fitness goals?

I need to be fit and have more energy.

I want to be able to lift a lot of weight in the gym.

I want to boost my sex drive.

I want to be able to finish my first round of P90x (that sh*t is hard).

I want to be like the guy in this video:

My ideal body type. I’ve searched around a lot and ideally I would love to have a body like Henry Cavill (the new Superman). His workout routine seems nice, and plenty of bloggers(like FitMole here) are out there recreating his workout program.

I have a very full schedule and a very stressful life, and one of the things that holds me back is that my fitness level and eating habits are out of control.

Buff muscles Superman

My ideal look.

I have decided that I need to start eating clean and making it to the gym at least three times per week. I understand that fitness is important for my health, because it benefits my cardiovascular system, as well as my joints as I age.

I think the biggest benefit, for me, of increasing my fitness level though will be the increased amount of energy that I experience.

Right now, when I get out of bed in the morning, I feel lethargic and sluggish. I struggle to make it through the day, and I have a horrible mid afternoon slump pretty much every single day.

I am hopeful that, by increasing my level of fitness, I will increase my level of daily energy so that I hop out of bed each morning eager to face the day, and then go throughout the day with focus and energy, bypassing any slump that I might have otherwise felt.

That is my main fitness goal!

What are yours?

Why You Should Start Juicing Now

The benefits of juice cleansing are real and are very helpful to our bodies. Every day we eat different foods that contain different chemicals, coloring compounds, preservatives and other toxins that can cause problems.

Toxins and impurities build up in our systems and can cause disruptions such as a weakened immune system and inflammation. This can lead to more serious chronic situations such as arthritis, headaches, asthma, cancer and heart disease.

The colon, kidneys and liver are built to filter and expel these irritants, but sometimes the buildup is too much for these organs to deal with effectively.

Consequently, for three to seven days, it is advised to go on a fast, except for juices from organic vegetables and fruits. The theory is that if our body does not have to do the work of digesting solid food, it will be able to do a better job of getting rid of the toxins and irritants.

Short-term fasts with a juicing regimen can be healthy, but people with certain diseases should be careful of such a routine. People who take medication for high blood pressure, diabetes medication or blood sugar medication should not do such a fast until they check with their doctor. Children and pregnant women should also avoid such a fast.

The Benefits Of Juice Cleansing Part One

When using a juice cleansing routine, a person should be sure to continue to consume enough electrolytes to keep going as normally as possible. In fact some people will also take psyllium husks to provide fiber for the intestine.

This substance absorbs water and helps to move things through the digestive system while on the fast.


There is some controversy where detractors claim that all the cleanse theory is bogus; it is difficult to convince hard-core juicers that this is true.

People who have experienced juicing cleansing attest to a general sense of well-being, more energy, and a better ability to concentrate. There is also the theory that when we fast from food, out bodies go on a binge to get rid of toxins anyway, and the juicing just helps the process along.

There seems to be a lot of agreement that making your own juice from fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to go, rather than purchasing commercial kits made just for juicers.

The cost factor is one major factor in favor of fresh veggies, but the benefits are going to be that much more nutritious when juice cleansing.